Furnishing Service





Bed. Bed drawer. Television. Bathroom.
Functionality may be one thing but style in combination with innovation a completely different one!
We identify the individuality of a site and combine it with high-quality and functional design concepts.





A warm welcome!
The reception represents an information, meeting and arrival point in one. Therefore, we understand it as the business card of a hotel.
This is why we develop overall concepts that combine functionality, comfort and design.





Uncomfortable and dark! Getting old and impractical!
Conference and workspaces are often neglected. A good working atmosphere is required to work efficiently.

Because we know what matters in everyday working life, we bring state-of-the-art technology and design into harmony. For this purpose, we conceptualise individual multimedia solutions to hamonise your office space with your requirements.





Wellness and spa are nowadays more popular than ever. Many people have already embraced the trend, so a wellness area is no longer a unique selling point.
However, quality and implementation make a big difference to conventional spa offers.

Light designs and materials create this moment of well-being and relaxation.
In connection with our selected and self-made furnishing elements we transform your recreation area into an oasis.



lounge neu


We spend an average of five years of our lives waiting. A great lounge can ease the viscous flow of time a bit.

Whether rustic and cosy or modern and simple - lounge areas can differ greatly in ambience and functionality.
However, one thing they never are – just a lounge.



bar neu


We love bars! Not only due to the good cocktails and beers!
A bar is full of life and for this reason we pay attention to dynamic, creative and practical furnishing elements. Both comfort and design must match.
In addition, everything must be functional which constantly confronts us with new challenges.
We love it!





Many hotels forget about their youngest guests. Too bad, since the whole family benefits from kids clubs.
Creating our imaginative concepts we sometimes wish to become children again ourselves.
In our clubs you can conquer pirate ships, start your soccer career and build castles.



individualitaet zapfhahn


Turning something obvious into a moment of surprise is and remains our passion. It is therefore all the more gratifying that the concept of our beer-water taps had such a great impact. A beer keg was modified as a washbasin and the spigot serves as a tap. Thus, from a conventional bath a highlight has been created in the Braugasthof Falkenstein.


individualitaet 1 wand

individualitaet 2 wand

This way Markus Gander has demonstrated his passion for functionality and creativity. The multifunctional wall developed by him can be used in many areas. Thanks to a clever plug-in system, hooks and shelves can be used to individually position a wide variety of items. Wall decoration on a whole new level!